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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fulton Car Insurance Quote and a Comprehensive Directory of Local agents

Fulton Car Insurance Quote and a Comprehensive Directory of Local agents

Local Agents
#We are not affiliated with any of the agents listed below
0.93 miles distant
AAA Insurance
8170 Maple Lawn Blvd, Fulton, MD 20759
(301) 362-2380
AAA, Kemper
10.91 miles distant
Alfa Insurance
32759 Highway 43, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-5451
14.51 miles distant
Alfa Vision Insurance
1902 E 3rd St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-9002
Alfa Vision
13.29 miles distant
Anderson-Frazier Insurance Agency of Hope
910 S Main St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-3481
Allstate, State Auto, Kemper, Travelers
2.68 miles distant
Bob Lewis
3905 National Dr Ste 150, Burtonsville, MD 20866
(301) 421-4444
State Farm
11.21 miles distant
Bonnie Brundige Moore
208 Main St, Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-2000
Alfa Vision, Consumers, Erie
10.91 miles distant
Chris McCants
32611 Highway 43, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-4498
Agents: Chris Pilkington, John Doggett
8.62 miles distant
Collins & Collins Insurance Agency
8 Wilson Ave W, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-0508
Auto-Owners, GuideOne, Infinity, Victoria
6.05 miles distant
Daniel Fendley
148 S Jackson St, Grove Hill, AL 36451
(251) 275-3600
5.94 miles distant
David E Jolin
12 E Center St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 947-4060
13.82 miles distant
David Parker
807 E 3rd St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-2929
State Farm
7.09 miles distant
Deas Insurance Agency
197 S Jackson St, Grove Hill, AL 36451
(251) 275-3141
Allstate, Auto-Owners, GuideOne, Infinity, Safeco, Travelers
1.72 miles distant
Debbie Murphy
7530 Montpelier Rd Ste 105, Laurel, MD 20723
(301) 604-0038
State Farm
3.14 miles distant
Duffy Insurance Group
15320 Spencerville Ct Ste 201, Burtonsville, MD 20866
(301) 421-0020
0.06 miles distant
Fall & Fall Insurance
101 Main St, Fulton, KY 42041
(270) 472-1061
Alfa Vision, Safeco, State Auto
0.99 miles distant
First Command Financial Services
8171 Maple Lawn Blvd, Fulton, MD 20759
(310) 356-9043
11.23 miles distant
First State Insurance
106 University St, Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-4217
Auto-Owners, Consumers, Grange, Infinity, Permanent General, Safeco, State Auto
13.28 miles distant
First State Insurance Services
116 W 6th St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-8414
Alfa Vision
12.47 miles distant
Garrett Insurance Agency
1401 W 3rd St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-6115
Alfa Vision
5.99 miles distant
Graham Insurance
14 W High St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 946-3916
State Auto, Progressive, Celina, Foremost
13.03 miles distant
Heather H Doucet
303 N Hervey St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-6198
State Farm
3.14 miles distant
Heather L Duffy
15320 Spencerville Ct Ste 202, Burtonsville, MD 20866
(301) 962-9600
2.68 miles distant
Horenberg Insurance Services, Inc.
3915 National Dr Ste 400, Burtonsville, MD 20866
(301) 628-4000
Chubb, Encompass, Foremost, Kemper, Main Street America, Safeco, State Auto, Travelers
10.84 miles distant
Insurance Associates of Martin
209 N Lindell St, Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-3873
Infinity, Permanent General, Titan, Victoria
5.95 miles distant
James Madison Insurance
38 W Center St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 947-4575
Erie, Foremost, Grange, Pekin, Travelers
0.99 miles distant
Jonathan Porter
8160 Maple Lawn Blvd Ste 200, Fulton, MD 20759
(301) 632-5527
6.04 miles distant
Joseph Ball Insurance
81 N Rich St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 947-8550
Allstate, Grinnell Mutual, Titan, Victoria
6.01 miles distant
Judy Higgins
15 N Main St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 947-9430
State Farm
10.89 miles distant
Karen Bradford
32620 Highway 43 Ste C2, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-6888
Farmers, Foremost
5.97 miles distant
Kimberly Janick
9 1/2 W High St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 946-9460
11.51 miles distant
King & Associates Insurance
413 Perkins St, Union City, TN 38261
(731) 884-3950
Alfa Vision, Erie, Penn National
10.89 miles distant
Larry Jones
32850 Highway 43 Ste A, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-9191
State Farm
12.51 miles distant
Maria Delgado
2510 N Hervey St Ste E, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 397-3113
Farmers, Foremost
11.09 miles distant
Martin Agency
100 Frederick St, Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-4966
TN Farm Bureau
13.31 miles distant
Melva Linzy
114 E 12th St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-3630
Safeco, Travelers
9.02 miles distant
Mike Ledkins Insurance Agency
1208 W Front St N, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-9936
4.33 miles distant
Premier Risk Insurance Agency
7 North Main St, Marengo, OH 43334
(419) 253-2301
Auto-Owners, Motorists
13.29 miles distant
Rodney Orr
601 S Main St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 722-5373
Farmers, Foremost
1.15 miles distant
Sam Miller
211 Nolan Ave, Fulton, KY 42041
(270) 472-2800
State Farm
2.68 miles distant
Sara Schultze
12798 Scaggsville Rd, Highland, MD 20777
(301) 924-1702
State Farm
5.97 miles distant
Shinaberry Insurance Agency
11 W High St, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
(419) 947-9336
Buckeye, Western Reserve
4.35 miles distant
Sunshine Insurance Agency
114 W Main St Unit A, Cardington, OH 43315
(419) 718-4033
Auto-Owners, Motorists
10.91 miles distant
The Amford Agency
32545 Highway 43, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 637-2222
State Farm
0.12 miles distant
Tim Britt
207 Commercial Ave, Fulton, KY 42041
(270) 472-1110
State Farm
3.03 miles distant
Timothy Ruggiero
4040 Blackburn Ln # Ln100, Burtonsville, MD 20866
(301) 421-1400
13.30 miles distant
Trey Branch
1300 S Main St, Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-5710
8.79 miles distant
West Alabama Insurance Agency
421c Alabama Ave W, Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-9626
Allstate, Auto-Owners, Infinity, Safeco, Travelers
11.16 miles distant
Westan Insurance
298 Broadway St, Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-9993
Acuity, Alfa Vision, Auto-Owners, Consumers, Grain Dealers Mutual, Grange, Main Street America, Penn National, Permanent General, Safeco, State Auto
11.25 miles distant
White & Associates Insurance
109 Highway 431, Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-3033
GuideOne, Safeco

Fulton Car Insurance, What Is Auto Insurance?

It is a part of our everyday life but, until it comes time to pay the bill each month, we rarely give it a thought. Car Insurance, however, is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is a complicated and potentially dangerous world to drive in--without insurance, that potential for danger is greatly intensified. For instance, if you are in an accident in your car but do not have insurance, you are up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle.
But what is car insurance? Well, according to Allstate Insurance (one of the leading providers of insurance in the world), car insurance is a way to “protect the people and things that are important to you.” Allstate also breaks down what insurance does for you:

 Safeguard your investment in your automobile

 Pay for medical expenses in case of an accident

 Provide financial protection from lawsuits

 Cover losses caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers

 Pay for damage due to theft, vandalism or natural disasters
When looking into what coverage to buy, consider your specific needs and research the different kinds of coverage and their meanings:

Liability Coverage: Protects you from damages to others if you are at fault.

Medical Payments Coverage: if bodily injury occurs, this can provide you with reasonable medical assistance.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorists Coverage: protects you from damage caused by drivers who don’t have auto insurance or don’t carry enough auto insurance to pay for damages.

Personal Injury Protection: provides coverage for an insured person for certain reasonable and necessary expenses

Collision Coverage: helps pay to repair or replace your insured car. Comprehensive Coverage: helps pay for covered damages to your insured car resulting from a peril other than a collision: theft, flood, fire, or any other problem.

Once you decide on what coverage you need, you can purchase insurance; please, do not think you don’t need it--it is a foolish way of thinking. Even if you have never had an accident, that does not mean that everyone else on the road shares your clean record. You need to protect yourself and others. Research the insurance and then get some!

Tips to buy auto insurance

Buying Auto Insurance can be a difficult thing; many people don’t understand it until something happens that forces them to rediscover their policies. We believe that you deserve to know some important tips of the trade that can help you with your insurance.

1. Before you even buy car insurance, have an insurance specialty conduct a risk analysis on your automobile, property, and family. Some may think of this as an unnecessary precaution but it isn’t. Things that we cannot always foresee happen; a specialist could see them and help you avoid them.

2. When shopping for insurance, do not use an agent. Why? Because agents only represent one company; you should be able to shop around and see all there is to offer. Find an Independent Insurance Broker and let them help you.  Brokers offer policies from multiple companies and give you the chance to find the best for you.

3. Sometimes, if an accident occurs or if there is damage to your car, you may not get offered the fairest options.     This is called Depreciation. To explain: if your car were to steal, you would, of course, make a claim on it;     however, you cannot expect to receive a full value reimbursement. After all, your insurance company would argue,     you have to consider external factors: age, condition, the fact that you put over 100,000 miles on the car. They won’t pay full price for something that is far from new. And, it’s understandable; however, to keep yourself from losing too much money, keep the original bill of sale. On that bill, have all the information you can to help your company come to a fair decision.

4. One of the greatest problems with insurance is how to keep the cost down. To do this, contact your broker and discuss how your vehicle is rated at present and how the company classes are determined. Your past rate may be higher than your present and you would be paying excess money for something you didn’t need.

These are just a few suggestions to help you understand auto insurance; for more, you should contact your broker or agent and discuss what options you have available to you.

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