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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Google keywords targeting [New Announcement] August-2019

All at what's up everyone smoke and to the surface sea you to the website today go over and important update to google as cure targeting so underlies thirty-first who has announced that in the coming weeks brought.
Google keywords targeting [New Announcement] August-2019

official website:-  Google support
which modifier and freeze matt cured will also begin to match words in the search query that share the same meaning as a cured so the beginning of this video on a go over some of the things that google has said with some of these screenshots from their different pages.

If you want the source you or else check the description for this video open them all in their if you're targeting broader much modify rewards and freeze match words it's also going to match very similar words that are interfered so if you're targeting the queue work and mo and service it will also match these search queries grasp cutting and gardening services now before the update you're going to see it just match any of the searches where he is that contained these the words them so services to move my along so essentially what they're saying is ongoing is a sin to grasp cutting which is true so it doesn't mean it's always going to be a perfect match and it's the same thing with freeze matter as well so long knowing service so essentially if someone does grass having service hear me or local lawn cutting services so it all matches a closed freeze but if there are other words in there, for example, knowing and cutting they're going to be looking.

Being at the searchers intent and basically google saying that words that share the same meaning will also be targeted with your car so it's going to expand your cure it's all about but as of September twenty eighteen exact match cords match close variants so I went over this recently in a video but if someone was targeting the exact match keyword use some summit camping it would match things like you saw my national parks a camping you some my campground and campsite and you some those same intent hair freeze implied words so backed match cue words really expanded with closed variants it also started to match few words with misspellings and cured were maybe the words were mixed up a little of it so if you did camping in new summer again campsite and use some I hit it would match this key.

[SMACK] word so essentially there's no such thing as exact matched you were at anymore you can't disabled close area and when he comes to modified broad match or a broad match modify rewards and freeze matched you are it's really going to start to expand the search queries that you're cue water targeting so when I come over here from the main things that google had says is are going to trigger that clothes that you were to the search clarity so in sense that someone does search something like Malmo and services or grass cutting services if you're targeting both those keywords google will pick out the queue word that's the my closest to the search for so someone types in one moment service at all match that keyword is someone types and grass cutting services whole matched that were so it's not going to have a mix and match .

Here where it's going to be matching all of these cues here and going into everything's going to go into one, so you should still separate out your keywords when you're creating your campaign now some of the different things that google says our best practices here so monitor performance so that's pretty much a given negative keywords so you're really going to have to check the search terms or for what a bit more I'll go through that a little bit more on the website and then in both there are different updates so they're update to brought match modifier and phrase magic you words and their update to the exact magic years including close variants which were announced that separate times they have to use smart bidding so you should be using smart bidding at this point that includes some of the getting strategies like enhanced pc target return I'm and spent and target.

it's so you should be using those betting strategies but who has it announced that in both of their different announcements that you should use smart bidding strategies at this point because that's going to help you drive the most conversions with the neuro budget and really reached he goes you're looking for so a couple of the different examples here so I have a campaign and one of my groups is lumbar back is so you can see my at group up here is a lumbar and the different cutesy that you can add to the broad much modify their keywords would include the plus signs in front of every word that you want to appear in the search query freeze match will be surrounded by quotes exact match be surrounded by brackets so essentially my big is take away from this backed match will help keep your campaign more narrow and organized so if you just want to keep things as close.

[SMACK] keep things very organized then you would just target these exact match you words of maybe lumbar support brace lumbar back brace now if you're trying to and campaign a little bit maybe have a larger budget you want to make sure you targeting all the key worse that people are typing in that army me relevant for your business i would recommend using either broad match fire make you were freeze match cured i personally like use broad match modify our cue words because i don't think the order that people type things in really matters now a couple of extracts this is here is regarded of the curious that are targeting so especially if you're targeting broad much modifier and phrase matched that you want to look at your search terms are poor pretty frequently so maybe you want to make sure you will not a couple times a week to see all the different search terms so these are two different screen job

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