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Monday, August 12, 2019

3 Advanced Keyword Research tips for SEO [august-2019]

3 Advanced Keyword Research tips for SEO [august-2019]

3 Advanced Keyword Research tips for SEO [august-2019]
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Everyone my name is running and in today's you're going to learn my advanced keyword research strategies that can only share with the experts.

Who would research can seem like your shooting a narrow in the dark many times you may not know if the key that you're picking is actually resulting in sales earlier after all website with unqualified traffic is just another online brochure that you have to your business that's not gendered getting used cells are leaves so how can you pick good keywords that will impact your bottom line there's always the traditional method of doing here at research.

Which is using tools like to suggest and a draft to type in a key work and get a result back of phrases that maybe in your industry the only issue with that is when you to find those you worth a thousand other competitors or targeting the same keywords making it more difficult to rank on the actual google search engine so what I'm going to be sharing with you was three tips, and how you get extra valuable keywords from your current marketing efforts and put them into gear to get you more sales and traffic tick number one used it who all called visual visitor to see exactly what companies are coming to your website and exactly the key were that the thing visual visitors a tool that we use inside of our agency and for our clients that basically allows us to see every company that comes on to the website and exactly what they type into the google search imagine the reason like this is so powerful is because when somebody because it's you a website, and it's a qualified leave that you want to target you need to start building a list of here is that they typed into google to make sure that you're targeting highly profit bulky words on this visual visitors a great tool to use not, only because it's specifically found the name of the business is already coming to your right,

But it also shows you the path that they took before they actually found your business on the google chip number to start task looking your online leaves what they typed end when they came out your website now I know this sounds very simple, and we work with a lot of businesses that just simply don't ask the question of how did you find us and what did you type in every single time our client goal another job estimates that they get your patients into their office however they're getting leads we always trained them to just ask you came to our website what did you actually type in a lot of the times you're going to find it surprising as to what people type in and more often than not you're going to find it peoples type forwards or a longer giving you a lot more insights into.

what they actually typed in to find your website this is by far the most effective and you when it comes to keep research simply because you're getting a list of the words that people is actually typing in before for the contacted your business and the best part these are can birding keywords if you've irony got believe and you already know what they type in all those probably hundreds of those people typing in the same keyword and those people are going to turn into phone calls because the other person did so start task looking your online leader your phone calls coming in three or marketing where they saw you and what they typed stepped number three starts recording your online leads there's so many businesses that we i work with that did not track their phone calls from there and are not presents a good example of this as you can use a tool like call rail that allow you to see the keyboard that someone type that led to a phone call that led to a conversion this tool is great the tool basically allows you to not, only know where they came from the referral, and source code if they came from google anger yahoo it also tells you what they type in high on the phone call was and at the end of that you can tap but it was a leader not this is going to give you wonderful intelligence because at the end of the month when you're getting you know twenty thirty phone calls for a small business local business at the end of the month you're going to know exactly what he works turned into qualified phone calls and qualified cells payments for your business just by doing called tracking call is it stream of animal for any business it costs around seven dollars explored dollars for each line and I'm not sure how much it costs for and agency plant if this people watching us that have an agency but I can assure you that if you start tracking your phone calls listening to them you're going to find unique buying signals that people ask for example of property inspector contacted an older level click that we has now we can a key keyword targeted pages for property inspectors because we know that through already searching for our service and if we you high like that keyword on the website.

If we highlight that he would we know where the more phones calls so now that you've got in the tips, it's time to take action start by first tracking everything that's on in our website start by tracking your phone calls start by using the visual visitor they see who is coming here I'm saying started by asking your customers are telling your clients asked their customers who are coming to the website and once you do that start building a list of asset valuable keywords that you can use further and further father in your journey, and it's great because these keywords can also be implemented and a paper clicked campaign thank you for watching this video everyone, and also, you next time.

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