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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why Arc Architecture good? | Not Look good

Here is some reason why Arc Architecture good?

Why Arc Architecture good?

Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

Architecture Dialogues

Swiss architecture has enjoyed a very good international reputation for a long time. Now the newly published book "Archutekturdialoge" (Niggli-Verlag) has interviewed 30 Swiss architects on their opinion of designing in Switzerland and their personal wishes. The result is an interesting work in an interview style, which is supplemented with images of plans, models and the finished buildings as well as strong-looking photos of the architects.

Architecture critical views

There are different opinions in the book. One of the interviewees, the well-known Grisons architect Rudolf Olgiati for example, finds very critical words about work in Switzerland. In 2008, he moved his office from Zurich to films, as he could no longer provoke anyone in Zurich. "In such a place you can do all that is part of extended lifestyle care - just not art. This is different in the country, Olgiati said during the interview.

Consensus about a good architecture

Jaques Herzog from Herzog & De Meuron, on the other hand, speaks more conciliatory about the Swiss architecture landscape. Fairly judge contests and a variety of different assignments would, in his view, also bring forth many good architects. He warns only, especially as a young architect, in what he considers to be "too comfortable" Swiss architecture scene set up, and advises international comparison. However, criticism also comes from Herzog, namely the generally accepted design consensus. He seeks to break them up: "Always the same volumes, the windows, the large formats, the materials. there materials. There is hardly anything really bad, and more rarely something that at least calls into question this uniformity, "Herzog side in an interview.

Generally benevolent voices

In addition to the opinion of respondents on architecture in Switzerland, what is exciting about the book "Architecture Dialogues" is above all about their self-assessment and wishes. You read about architects who deliberately want to break ith the existing and create something as unprecedented as possible. The general attitude of the 30 respondents towards architecture in Switzerland is, despite many criticisms, a very positive one. Compared to other countries, working as an architect in Switzerland is much more relieved of constraints such as pressure from investors, according to the consensus of the interviews. 

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