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Sunday, June 30, 2019

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents

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#1 Nonda ZUS AccurateTemp Smart Tire Safety  Monitor

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents

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feature and specification

  • Boost Driving Safety
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Slow Leak Detection
  • Save on fuel
  • Self Install in 10 minutes
  • Upgraded Cap Sensors
  • Cost Effective
ZUS Smart Safety monitor is latest in car tool, promises to keep tabs on your tires and make sure you're never stranded with a flat. We put an early sample through its paces for our ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor review, to see if the cost and hassle of the ZUS system are worth it.

Initial setup

Here’s why this product is different from most tire pressure monitoring systems. Most tire pressure monitoring systems, including ones that come as standard equipment on cars which only tell you when a tire is significantly down on air pressure. They have no way of telling you that you might have a slow leak which can allow you to address a potential tire issue much earlier. That’s important because a tire that is down on air pressure can become a safety hazard as tires in that state can blow out besides the fact that they will deflate over time. The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor addresses this by monitoring tire pressure in real time as well as from an historical perspective to let you know if you have a tire related issue long before you’re stuck on the side of the road because you didn’t address it in time. Or worse. It also takes temperature into account as well to add to it’s ability to do its job accurately. All of this is driven by the ZUS app that is available for iOS and Android. One plus about using this app is that the one app will be used to drive Nonda’s growing connected car platform. Thus I can run the ZUS USB Car Charger And Car Finder and the Smart Tire Safety Monitor from the same app. And when other devices appear from the company, they’ll be supported in the same app.

Given the importance of tire pressure for safety and fuel economy, I gave the Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor a try. This aftermarket system tracks tire pressures and temperatures using four Bluetooth-enabled valve caps, an app and a receiver. The valve caps send pressure information to the receiver, which then connects to the app.

#2 PHILIPS GoPure Compact 200 Car Air Purifier

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents

image creadit:- www.philips.co.in

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feature and specification
  • Free of airborne pollutants
  • odor and allergens
  • Breathing pure air
  • Automotive clean Air System
  • High air purification power
  • HESA unique technology
  • An integrated air-particles sensor
  • Easy operation with automatic switch on/off
  • Easy installation

About GoPure

Looking for a way to breathe fresh, odor-free air in your car, truck, or SUV? A true, in-car air purifier is the best way to remove airborne contaminants and odor in your vehicle. The filter technology we’re about to cover will help destroy lingering fast food funk, gobble up pollen, and strip away contaminants from the air you breathe. But, before we continue we’d like to provide a word of caution. The best car air purifier is not cheap. It is not a plug in ionizer. It is not a gimmicky piece of gear you’ll find near a filling station cash register. The best car purifier is however, very similar to a high quality unit you would use in your home or apartment. Only smaller.

#3 Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents
image credit:- www.cooluli.com

feature and specification
  • Switch from heating to cooling
  • AC/DC and USB Adapters
  • Sleek, Durable Design
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System
  • Exterior Dimensions
  • 4 Liter / 6 Liter can

About Cooluli Mini Fridge

Mini fridges aren’t just handy additions to your home but office spaces as well given that they can be easily tucked away underneath a desk and even set neatly over counters without affecting the flow of foot traffic or taking up valuable real estate.

#4 Winterial Back Seat Inflatable

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents
image credit:- www.aguidepro.com

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feature and specification
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Ease of Inflation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable Build
  • Quick and Easy
  • Versarile
  • Durable
An inflatable car mattress weighing about 6.25 pounds, this mattress is manufactured primarily from heavy duty micro-feathery feeling PVC material. The air mattress has height about 14.9inches – 16.9inches with mattress thickness of 3.1 inches for comfort and convenience as needed.

About Back Seat Inflatable

Whether you are looking to go on a road trip or frequently take car rides to further destinations, having a car air bed can be convenient for multiple reasons. They provide an easily accessible sleeping area on-the-go. When you are tired from driving or your trip, this is a quick alternative. Car air beds do not take up a lot of space as they are mostly inflatable options. This gives you the autonomy to bring other things that you need for your trip without worrying about whether you have space for it.

#5 Massage Seat Cushion

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents

image credit:- www.toplistly.com

feature and specification
  • Shiatsu Back Massager
  • Flexible massage nodes
  • Massage Cushion with Heat Massage
Here are many people who suffer from chronic back pain. There are people, by the nature of their work does have to sit for long hence experience pain in the back regions.

About Massage Cushions

Seeking for a cushion massager to take care of the neck, black and glute region, the Shiatsu Back & Neck Seat Cushion Massager is the best choice. It employs three massage techniques with the various massaging nodes mimicking the massaging effect of a real masseuse. The neck massager features 4 nodes – 2 big and 2 small ones while the back massager has 14 nodes altogether. They all work for deep tissue massage to relieve stress and sore muscle and ultimately help you relax.

#6 FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool 

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents
image credit:- www.bestbuy.com

feature and specification
  • Powerful Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • ABS, Airbag, TPMS, and Transmission
  • performance gauges
  • emissions readiness testing
  • Easy & Intuitive
  • We've Got You Covered
  • No all-electric or diesel
  • The Trusted Choice
  • FIXD is dedicated to continue empowering the driver through new App features and updates published daily.
This alert system will save you the trouble of running to the car repair service every time an alert light comes on and will save you loads of money for repairs in case you forget to perform the maintenance required to keep the engine running and the car going.


The Fixd package includes a Fixd sensor and a Fixd app. The sensor needs to be plugged into your car’s OBD II port from where it relays any problems from the diagnostic port to the Fixd mobile app on your phone. The information is transmitted via Bluetooth and will include an evaluation of the severity of the current issue, and also will inform you what might happen if you go on driving without the problem being resolved. In simple words, it will inform you what is actually wrong with your car and how serious the problem is. The Fixd app also allows for scheduling maintenance services at your repair shop as well as helps you find the parts which you will need to repair the car.

#7 Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set, 170-Piece

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents

image credit:- ae.pricena.com

feature and specification
  • Set includes 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" drive tools (SAE & Metric)
  • Tools meet stringent new ANSI
  • Drive Type-6 and 12 Point
  • folding plastic case for easy storage and transport

About Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set, 170-Piece

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#8 Goluk T3 in Stone Grey car Dash cam + Hard Wire Kit

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents
image credit:- articulo.mercadolibre.com.co

feature and specification
  • Excellent video quality
  • Inconspicuous Compact design
  • Worry-free choice
  • Amazing Benefits
  • Use Manufacturer Recommended installation bundle

About Goluk T3 in Stone Grey car Dash cam + Hard Wire Kit

Above is a list of products goluk t3 fun. Order by from the cheapest to the price level of the most expensive. Reviews Please you select which store do you think cheap and convenient and friendly in the transaction. On corner quality goluk t3 fun well no much different when compared to one another concurrent merchandise leading companies other so skipper no need feeling insecure for use merchandise This anytime and everywhere. On variety aspect angle measure model and big-small goluk t3 fun This no lots options a can skipper select start on a regular and visible more not cheap a not as important is excess and ease in use. Goluk t3 fun This is an stuff most excellent a when generally worn. Concurrent price a classified cheap skipper already can feel excess goluk t3 fun like merchandise other a price very much more expensive. When skipper do not know how step select goluk t3 fun a good and fit fit necessity skipper below This no lots options a can to benchmark comparison before skipper have. List of products merchandise a show below is merchandise new and not merchandise former skipper could select fit necessity. Kind wide merchandise can skipper get this dilisting please comparison and compared to one another before have.

#3 Car Windshield Tac Sun Visor Day and Night

This gadgets Reduce your risk of accidents
image credit:- www.holidaypremiums.com

feature and specification

About Car Windshield Tac Sun Visor Day and Night

Modern Medicine shows that the burning sun, reflection and distance light will seriously affect the binocular vision health and driving safety.

If the eyes often buoyed by strong light, that may cause eye fatigue and mental stress easily.

According to the survey, nearly 36% of drivers with different degree of eyes disease.

Fomei Car Sun Visor Extender filters out 90% of harmful rays, protecting your eyes day and night, block the sunshine during the day and resist the distance light in the evening.

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