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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Why 2019 NFL Playoff is bracket project prediction | mpmgi.co.in

Why 2019 NFL Playoff is bracket project prediction

Why 2019 NFL Playoff is bracket project prediction:-

So, the first game we will be seeing now that is going to be the Colts at the Texans going to be the Colts at the lexans and this is the only matchup featuring teams from the same division in the regular season these guests split the series pono
with the Texans winning a week for 37 to & 34 but the Colts did win at Houston in week 14 24 to 21 although this game is in Houston I've got to take the Colts both teams are so evenly matched but the Colts have playoff experience and think they win the slimmest of  margins now for a second AFC wild card game we've got the charges at the Ravens these teams played recently in week 16 with the Ravens winning 22 to 10 in LA but that game was a lot closer than this for them.

This is a unique match because the Ravens at the best defense in the NFL. but the Chargers are road warriors with a record of 7 & 1 on the road and a record of 7 & 1 on the road andt hey've won a Kansas City Pittsburgh they've won a Kansas City Pittsburgh in Seattle but everyone knows the same defense wins championships and I think the Ravens win a nail-biter over Phillip Rivers and the Chargers because of that stingy unit.

Now to be AFC divisional

Ravens at this is a tough choice with the patriots struggling against previous Ravens teams in the playoffs but the patriots are undefeated at home this gear and although they ve struggled hey re still the New England Patriots also factored in the first round by and I've got to take the Patriots now for the Colts at use both these teams can score well but the Colts have a much better defense and Andy Reid teams are notorious for Chokey in the postseason because of this I gotta pick the Colts
to upset the cheese now for the AFC Championship game Colts at Patriots the deflategate ring - these teams played in the regular season a week five with the patriots winning 38 24 after the cold score the last second touchdown to make it respectable since then the Colts have substantially improved but Bill Belichick has always had Andrew Luck and the Colts number and it doesn't change this year with the Patriots and Tom Brady advancing to the third straight Super Bowl now let's take a look at the NFC side our first matchup being the Seahawks at the Cowboys so far 2018. The Cowboys and Seahawks events very similar seasons with both teams having slow starts and people questioning them they pulled it together down the stretch and save their seasons this is a very tough matchup to pick with Seattle having better offense and dowse having a better defense but I've got to go with Dallas due to one thing home-field advantage so far 2018 the Seahawks are three five and on the road with two of those winds be against terrible teams in the Cardinals 7 and 1 record at AT&T Stadium I've got to go with the Cowboys.

The second NFC wild card matchup (comming soon)...

Why 2019 NFL Playoff is bracket project prediction

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